ERAS only programs

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ERAS only programs

Each program in the NRMP Unfilled Position List contains program name, contact name, contact phone, fax, and e-mail. It also contains program ID, so you can easily look it up in ERAS. A program may also be marked with an asterisk to indicate that they prefer ERAS applications to any other form.

Not all of the programs have complete information published on the list. All parts but program name and ID are optional, so you may find programs that have nothing but its contact name and ID. These are "ERAS Only" programs, which means they only accept applications via ERAS.

Question: Is this a good idea to look up ERAS Only program contact information on FREIDA and apply there via e-mail and fax?

Answer: It may be. But only after you are done sending your ERAS applications as this is the fastest and the most effective way to apply. It is reasonable to expect that the ERAS Only programs will be getting fewer applications via e-mails and faxes, so you may get a better chance of having your application looked at. But at the same time one may conclude that ERAS Only programs are very competitive as they are confident there will be plenty of well qualified ERAS applications to fill their spots.