How Long Should I Make My Personal Statement

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It should be approximately 1-page long. This would be roughly 600 words.

Remember, your statement won't be read on the first pass of review. Depending on program approach to filtering applications, it may get assigned a grade based solely on its length first. A two-page statement may get punished even before it is read. Besides, it is very difficult to keep one's interest while reading a long statement. When writing yours, envision somebody on the other end of the wire reading it. Do you see him/her yawning? If you do, rethink your presentation.

Some suggest looking at PS as a sales pitch. You are the product you are trying to sell. Consider a program being a mailbox that received about 1,000 pitches for other products. Think how to a). keep their attention; b). make them think you are the best,

Merely repeating your CAF would be a waste of space.

The following two paragraphs represent statements that grab one's attention.

"Bang-bang-bang! All I heard were the gunshots that a 27yo male patient must have heard before losing his consciousness and getting transported to the ER I happened to be on call this night.”

“Barabara N, 44yo female, BP 122/59, H/W 70”/188 lbs, reason for visit – establishing new PCP” This is all I knew about her when I walked into examination room along with the attending. 40 minutes later I got to know a person named Barbara, not just an EMR record.