I applied in September but did not get any interviews. What should I do?

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Interview invitations come throughout the season. As a matter of fact, there are very few invitations sent in September. Most are sent in October-November. End of October is the time to start worrying. Unfortunately if you did not get your invitations by then, it is difficult to change anything at this point. However, you can and should try.

There are several things you can do:

1. Follow up with the programs that put your application on hold or did not answer. Ask them what you can do to strengthen your application and become a more attractive applicant.

2. If you had any changes in your status since you submitted your application, please notify the programs. For example, if you passed one of the steps that was originally marked as “Will Take”, let the programs know.

3. Apply to additional programs. Make sure their deadline has not passed yet. You can estimate how many programs are still open by entering your credentials at a Quick Search form:

https://www.residencyplace.com/PathFinder/ You may also consider entering high credentials in case if there are few or no programs open that match your profile.