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Match and Scramble Articles

When should I have my application ready for the Match season

Letters of Recommendation for Residency when is the best time to request one

Should I wait before my LORs are in the ADT system or apply right away?

I have already registered with ERAS What is NRMP and do I have to register there

How long does it take to have the documents scanned? Can I follow up to verify they have been received?

Personal statement plagiarism

My Step 2 CK score won’t be available until October. Should I apply now or wait?

My Step 2 CS score won’t be available until December. Should I apply now or wait?

How many programs should I apply for

How many interviews do I need

How much should I budget for the interview season

What is the best time for scheduling my interviews

Residency Interview - Making a first impression

Residency Interview – Will I be given a medical quiz

Taking notes after the interview. Two forms you cannot leave without

Writing effective Thank You Letter

Prematch - To Ask or Not To Ask: That Is the Question

What does this letter from a program really mean?

Is there still a chance for an interview?

Interview dress code DOs and DONTs

Two weeks before the interview date. What should you do?

Day before interview. What should you do?

Interview Questions – do you have the answer?

How many is too many? Canceling an Interview.

Ranking the programs DOs and DONTs

Who is the ranking boss?

Do I need to scramble? Really, Do I?

Match/Pre-Scramble Research - What Should I Focus On - Comment - this is a great article!

What are my chances in the scramble if I do not match?

Scramble - Preference to already interviewed candidates?

Program Ranking: Should I Rank a Program that is on Probation?

Program Ranking: Can I rank preliminary program twice?

Scramble: Choose your e-mail address wisely

Couples Match

To Fax or Not to Fax

To Call or Not to Call

ERAS only programs

Scramble: Unfilled Positions List Timing

A Plan for Scramble