Prematch - To Ask or Not To Ask: That Is the Question

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You came from an interview that went exceptionally well. You have a good feeling about the program as well as about your performance. You would love to match with this program and feel like this is your number one choice. Now you are contemplating about asking for prematch. There is no simple answer to the question of whether or not ne should ask about a prematch. From one hand by asking, you are demonstrating your genuine interest in the program. But from another – you are putting a program in an inconvenient situation. It’s almost like asking “will you invite me for your birthday?” If you have a strong feeling that the program liked you and it needs just a little push to offer you a prematch – asking for it will be a good idea. Otherwise, keep showing your interest by asking for a “second look” or a possibility of shadowing. This will be your safest bet.