Program Ranking: Can I rank preliminary program twice?

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Question: Can I rank a preliminary program twice, i.e once in supplemental list coupled with an advanced program and once in the main list?


Absolutely yes. Do rank preliminary program as part of your supplemental list as well as your main rank order list. You must have the preliminary program ranked after the Advanced program on the main list. NRMP does not provide any specific details for this scenario, so this suggestion is based on the following.

When match is made, the R3 system goes from top to bottom on your main list. Let’s consider a case when you have preliminary program on your main list BEFORE advanced one. If R3 system matches you to preliminary from the main list, it will stop right there and you won’t have a shot at the advanced one.

By ranking preliminary program twice you do not loose a chance of getting preliminary position even if you do not get advanced spot.