Scramble: Choose your e-mail address wisely

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Choose your e-mail address wisely

There are two parts of the address selection: User name and Domain. These are the words to the Left and to the Right of the @ sign.

User Name

It sounds really simple and I can see a "Huh?" on your face. Believe it or not, but addresses like or aren’t my inventions. These are real addresses used by real Match applicants.


This is where you host your e-mail. There are paid and free e-mail services. The top three free e-mail providers are Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google. You can register with either of them and expect a highly reliable service. However, we wouldn’t focus on the Domain part if there wasn’t a subject to focus on. There is a long technical story behind this. To cut it short, try to avoid using Yahoo as your Scramble e-mail address. There isn’t anything wrong with Yahoo and it is as reliable as other services. But there may be a 3 to 20 minute delay introduced by Yahoo specifically during the Scramble. There is not just one but a couple of reasons: dissapearing mail servers and greylisting