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A Plan for ScrambleCommunity ProjectCouples Match
Day before interview. What should you do?Do I need to scramble? Really, Do I?ERAS only programs
For a long timeHow Long Should I Make My Personal StatementHow do I select the programs to apply?
How long does it take to have the documents scanned? Can I follow up to verify they have been received?How many interviews do I needHow many is too many? Canceling an Interview.
How many programs should I apply forHow much should I budget for the interview seasonI applied in September but did not get any interviews. What should I do?
I have already registered with ERAS What is NRMP and do I have to register thereInterview Questions – do you have the answer?Interview dress code DOs and DONTs
Is there still a chance for an interview?Letters of Recommendation for Residency when is the best time to request oneMain Page
Match/Pre-Scramble Research - What Should I Focus OnMy Step 2 CK score won’t be available until October. Should I apply now or wait?My Step 2 CS score won’t be available until December. Should I apply now or wait?
NewsletterObama health reform and primary care physician shortagePersonal statement plagiarism
Prematch - To Ask or Not To Ask: That Is the QuestionProgram Ranking: Can I rank preliminary program twice?Program Ranking: Should I Rank a Program that is on Probation?
Ranking the programs DOs and DONTsResidency Interview - Making a first impressionResidency Interview – Will I be given a medical quiz
SandboxScramble: Choose your e-mail address wiselyScramble: Unfilled Positions List Timing
Scramble - Preference to already interviewed candidates?Should I wait before my LORs are in the ADT system or apply right away?Taking notes after the interview. Two forms you cannot leave without
The BookTo Call or Not to CallTo Fax or Not to Fax
Two weeks before the interview date. What should you do?US Clinical experience. Clerkship, Externship, and ObservershipWhat are my chances in the scramble if I do not match?
What does this letter from a program really mean?What does this letter from a program really mean?"What is the best time for scheduling my interviews
When should I have my application ready for the Match seasonWho is the ranking boss?Writing effective Thank You Letter