Taking notes after the interview. Two forms you cannot leave without

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You might have not thought yet of this special day in February when you have to submit your program ranking order list. Keep in mind that by this time your memories will fade and mix together, so ranking the programs will become an impossible task unless you keep accurate notes of your interviews. We created two forms to help you get organized: [1]

Program Evaluation Worksheet

Areas of evaluation My Grade 1-10 Notes

Program name/Interview date

Area surrounding hospital: safe, well lit, parking close

Socio-economic patient population

Residents’ happiness

Location (housing around the hospital, neighborhood safety, etc.)

Cost of living

Accreditation of the program – no risk of being closed

Number of hospitals in rotation

How far away are rotations

Job opportunities upon completion

Fellowship opportunities after completion

Attitude towards IMGs

Acceptable salary

Vacation benefits

Insurance coverage

Impression of faculty

Impression of residents

Overall program rating

Interview notes.

These notes are a key to a good Thank You letter and any follow up communication with the program. Do not rely just on your memory. Things fade away with time. You will use these notes in your Thank You letter for demonstrating your genuine interest in the program as well as your “people skills”.

Interviewer Position (Faculty, 1st year resident, etc.)

Topics discussed during interview (write down everything including weather, sports and anything else you talked about)

Special topics of interviewer’s interests (research, serving underserved communities, prevention, etc.)

What are interviewer’s achievements at the program (created IMG orientation program; manages weekly conferences, etc.)

Personal information I learned about interviewer (loves dogs, has children in high school, basketball fun, etc.)


Better formatted forms: [2]