Two weeks before the interview date. What should you do?

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Get to know yourself

• Make a list of your strengths, accomplishments, and abilities. Use this list as a baseline for all the interview questions. This will help you to present yourself in a consistent way.

• Review your Personal Statement, C.V., and Medical School transcript

• Review your research projects and publications

• Review your training and career goals

o Are you going to be looking for a fellowship?

o How much are you interested in research?

o Do you like teaching?

o Do you want to work for somebody or are you going to start your own practice?

o Where do you see yourself in 3, 5,10 years?

Get to know the program

• Review the information that program sent you

• Look up the program at





o Web search using Google or your favorite search engine

• Visit program web site

• Try to identify residents/interns/faculty from your country. Most likely you will get to talk to them

• Review your interview schedule and find out the right spelling of all the names

• Find as much information as you can about areas of interest of each interviewer from:

o Program web site

o MedLine search:

o Research papers published

o General web search

Get to know the specialty

• What do practitioners in the field really do and what types of procedures do they perform?

• How are they perceived by other specialists?

• Are there any opportunities for subspecialty training (fellowships)?

• What are board exam requirements?