What does this letter from a program really mean?

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You just received a letter from the program (e-mail or regular mail) and wonder what does it really mean. Let’s read it together:

It was a pleasure meeting with you during your interview. The faculty as well as myself feel you would be an outstanding addition to our program. We feel we can provide you with a diverse experience which will well prepare you for primary care or any subspecialty that you may choose. We hope you developed a favorable impression of our program during your interview.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions regarding training at our program.

First question you should ask, is it positive or negative? It definitely is positive! So, at the very least I am sure the program is going to rank me.

Next question, how positive is it? Could the Program Director send the same exact letter to other applicants? Unfortunately yes. This letter does not have anything that identifies his/her experience with myself. So, this letter does not go any further than expressing some interest in my candidacy. Unfortunately this is not a type of letter that puts me in the first 12 ranked applicants.